Dynamic Stripping Units


The dynamic stripping units are the most effective stripping tools made by Alpha. Sharp barbed pins are placed strategically in the male to interact with interference points placed on the female tool. The waste material is distorted as it is forced through the female. The female is routed deeply to allow the scrap to clear quickly and return to its original shape. The scrap releases and is cleared before the next impression. In most cases, the dynamic stripping method eliminates the need for bottom pins, drastically reducing make-ready time. While the cost is higher with this style of stripping unit, it usually pays for itself because of the time saved and the speed gained on press.

The barbed pins placed in the male range in size from .070 diameter to .1970 diameter. This allows for stripping of very small areas, less than 1/8 of an inch.


The routed edge on the female is done on an automated router. This provides a very deep and consistent routed edge.